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The Truth – Finacial Success Is A Discipline, And Everybody Has A Right To It


Welcome to, a site dedicated to legitimate business information and money making opportunities, both on and off the internet. Here you will find all the resources you need to start your own profitable business or improve your existing business.


Failure is not due to bad luck! Poor decisions are not mistakes – they are misinformed decisions.


Poor execution is the only thing holding anyone back from getting ahead financially. Education is the key! You may have a great idea, but without a great plan, you basically have nothing. Invest in yourself first! This need not be a financial investment, more-so an educational investment. Ask ANY successful self made entrepreneur and a key part of their success was to learn or refine their trade, skill or other determining factor of that business. Become a specialist in your chosen niche!


You DO NOT need to spend large amounts of money or buy expensive instructional programs and software to succeed.


Nearly every aspect of your financial journey can be researched for free online. By all means, attend “free seminars” download “free how-to information” but forget getting caught up in the squeeze page or hard sell at the end – (in “most” cases). Not saying they don’t work, just that they are not necessary for you to reach your goals. Some are scams, some are not – are you willing to spend your money to find out?


You CAN start right now, the choice is “always” yours. Those who want to succeed will make the time necessary to make it happen.


This doesn’t necessarily mean you will be rich tomorrow, just that you need to make a start to succeed and be consistent with your efforts. Set aside a little time each and “every” day where you have uninterrupted “think” time. Use this time to research your idea and its potential for profit.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Making money from hobbies

How do you like the idea of working until you are 70+, not a very appealing thought! OK for those that choose to but as a compulsory situation, not good. So what is the way round it?


Well hopefully it scared you into taking out a private pension or making some other preparation like buying up property to rent out. For those of you that haven’t found a solution; what hobby do you have or you would be interested in? Would it make a good hobby business? Something like fishing or golf, maybe cooking or jewellery making, keeping fit or weight loss, that one is always popular!


Most hobbies with an interested following could be turned into an online business. What are you passionate about? Is there a selection of magazines on the topic, if so and there is a good following it could be suitable. Next you need to test it for viability and profitability on Google’s keyword tool and see if there are enough people searching monthly.


Is it something you would like to spend time studying, working with and sharing your knowledge with others? Being passionate about your work makes it a pleasure not a chore. Don’t wait to start your hobby business until you retire, start to build it now in your spare-time whilst you have an income.


Online businesses are relatively inexpensive to set up but you will need a little cash to begin. Affiliate marketing it the simplest way to start-up online and in its simplest form you are just sending customers to other people’s products. No face to face selling and there are plenty of companies in all niches (topics) looking for affiliate marketers.


As you learn the techniques you can build your own list of happy customers and interest them in other products. However for a fast and simple start find a mentor with products you like and learn the techniques, then diversify as it suits you. Your hobby business can be grown to
any size according to the time and interest
you put in.


Begin by taking a look at hobby magazines and read more about Affiliate marketing, there are loads of books available on marketing and all issues of setting up a business. YouTube is also a good source of information. I have just found several training videos on YouTube for using the Keyword planner but if you prefer a book read: “SEO step by Step” by Caimin Jones there is a whole chapter on the Keyword tool and a great deal of other information.


If you need a new laptop I found a well illustrated guide “Microsoft windows 8 made easy.” Or if you prefer windows 7 because that is what you are used to consider a good reconditioned model, mine even had a guarantee. If you would like to read a book that makes your current job more satisfying, I found it helped, when I was in a job I hated: “Thank God it’s Monday” by Charles Cameron and Suzanne Elusor. A rather strange title as it isn’t about religion!


So take my advise and start now, build your hobby business, don’t wait until you are 70 and regret your indecision. It is great fun and will give you an interest in later years and the freedom to work a few hours a week. Everything will be your choice!


Whatever you decide, I hope you find away to avoid working longer than you want to!

What You Need To Fire Up Your Startup

start up business essentials

Ried Hoffman, co-founder of Linkedln stated, “You jump off a cliff and you assemble an airplane on the way down.”  This kind of strategy is not always to be adopted by startups. For any startup, to grow in leaps and bounds, some strategies are to be followed. These will help it to achieve success during the long, hard course that lay ahead for it. Here are the prerequisites of a successful and blooming new organization:


1. Idea:

To make an idea a success, it does not always have to be brilliant. In some cases, small, petty ideas which were developed with no particular monetary motive, lead to major revolution in the business world. When Facebook was developed, money­ making was never the aim.


It was devel­oped in a college dorm with the sole purpose of unifying all the communities of college via a social media platform. But as we all know, this unusual idea of online interactions is now earning billions of dol­lars for Mark Zuckerberg.


2. People:

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, they are your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best, provide them with encouragement, stimulus and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.


The startups should hire experienced people who know how to do their job well and will stay with the company in times of crisis.


When employees are satisfied, the productivity of the company increases. Every startup requires people who consider themselves an integral part of it and treat it as one of their own ventures.


3. Funding:

As Garret Camp, the founder of Uber suggested that, “Stay self-funded as long as possible”. You have to keep testing, reinvesting, extending, partnering, and taking risks you hope but cannot guarantee, will pay off in order to build an organization.


Money is the building block on which the company grows. To keep the organization running smoothly, it should have an adequate amount of funds and resourceful minds to spend it intelligently.


4. Mentors:

Many startups feel apprehensive about finding their ideal mentor and the main reason behind this apprehension is the quality of personal coaching they would provide.


Mentors are instructors who boost and motivate the companies to grow for­ ward. These motivators play a crucial role of complementing the company’s strategies and strengths.


Every startup faces numerous problems when initiating the business. But if the founders keep focus and work upon of these fundamental factors and requisites, then their business is sure to fire up.