Can Direct Sales Work For You?

Direct sales profits

Can Direct Sales Work For You?

Direct Sales Businesses Are Simple and Offer Global Reach.

According to the Direct Sales Association (DSA), over 15 million people in the U.S. are engaged in dircct sales (65+ million worldwide). Over 90% are independent entrepreneurs who operate their businesses part-time from home. This is a robust industry of nearly $40 billion in U.S. sales and $120 billion worldwide. Roughly 75% of consumers purchase products and services through direct selling (

Our article – “How to Start-Up a Direct Sales Business” – gives you a good introduction into the world of direct sales. Make sure you also read the Jennifer Garner interview (under Entrepreneurs), with good advice to entrepreneurs on how to keep it all in balance.

For someone looking to get started as a home-based entrepreneur direct sales offers perhaps the easiest entry. First, being such a large economic sector, nearly every product or service can be purchased through direct sales. You can easily find something that interests you. If you like working and interacting one-on-one with people, a direct sales business is a good fit.

“Direct sales is no longer the Stereotype of Someone trying selling to his friends and relatives.”

Direct sales businesses are not that complicated either, compared to other types of home-based businesses. There’s no need to make dramatic changes to one’s existing home office, and to purchase new office equipment. Usually the existing computer, cell phone, and Internet access that the average person has are sufficient to launch a direct sales business.

Another benefit of this type of selling is that these operations are relatively simple and straight forward. Time spent to start-up the business and to set up management systems, operations, accounting, bookkeeping, etc., are negligible compared to other small businesses. This facilitates being able to start and operate the business part-time, around one’s day job. And it also makes it a great fit for new entrepreneurs who need to “learn the ropes” of business operations.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of direct sales is how well it adapts to the way business is done in this “Online Age.” Small business endeavors are no longer conducted 8-to-5 during the week. It’s 24/7, with money that never sleeps — perfect for the part-time home-based business owner. Many direct sales interactions occur through email communications. Those emails can be sent and replied to at one’s convenience, around other work and family endeavors.

Furthermore, much of direct selling has gone online through websites and Facebook. For example, product fulfillment is handled through the “back office” of a website. Many direct sales companies provide “templates” of websites to their affiliates, or handle products/services fulfillment and customer service support at a main company website.

Direct sales is also not just for new entrepreneurs. Due to its ease and low start-up cost, a direct sales business is a great way for an existing home-based business owner to expand his business. Direct sales touches every category of products and services, making it easy for the established entrepreneur to find something that’s a good fit for business diversification.

So check into the world of direct sales. It’s no longer the old stereotype of someone trying to sell soap to his friends and relatives. Direct sellings is an industry of global reach that offers something for everyone.

Can Direct Sales Work For You?
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Can Direct Sales Work For You?
Direct sales have been around for as long as I can remember. Initially it was the only legitimate way to make a dollar in sales without opening a store front.
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