How to Succeed at Direct Sales

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Jeanette Tatarnuk

“Direct sales is the process of selling products face-to-face away from a retail store location. Many times this is done through in-home shopping parties, presentations, and catalog sales. For a minimal fee, companies give you a starter kit that includes everything that you need to start your own business.”

Once upon a time, people who wanted to succeed at direct sales went door to door, worked “contact lists” full of family and friends, and ran parties in order to make their sales. Some people got lucky and went on to become sales superstars.

Other people found this method extremely ineffective and struggled on, never quite reaching their dreams of wealth and freedom. Still others eventually quit, declaring all direct sales a “scam.”

It’s a sad truth – sales are hard. Direct sales aren’t any easier just because you are the boss. In fact, you might find that those other bosses: paying your rent and feeding your family-are harsher taskmasters than anyone working with you in an office building. There’s also the rejection, and rejection can be very difficult.

People don’t always respect salespeople or treat them well, which is also very difficult. The psychological side of sales; the fear and the rejection-often drive otherwise talented people away from a direct sales career.

Fortunately the playing field has changed quite a bit. The Internet has made it possible for people who do their job right to enjoy high levels of sales without once contacting their mother or their hair dresser.

You don’t have to run parties unless you want to and you don’t have to pursue anybody at all. The new way to succeed in direct sales involves arranging matters so that potential customers call you.

You just have to pick up the phone, talk to them, and walk them to what they want. Does this sound like an impossible fairy tale? Not if you redefine your job description and adjust your worldview. The Internet is a place where people go to find answers to their problems.

If you adjust your worldview so that you are educating them about those answers and making yourself available, you shift from being a “salesperson” to an educator, or an expert. The information you offer is free, because the solution they want isn’t.

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The information you offer is free, because it establishes trust, and brings down the walls that live between salespeople and their prospects. The information also serves as a filter. The people who call you already like you, your solution, and what you have to offer.

There’s an easy, free way to do all of this. You don’t have to pay mountains of money for Google Adwords or expensive graphical banner ads. Instead, you need to set yourself up with a regular place to offer up information.

A website with a blog will do nicely. Then you need to create a Facebook Page and begin forming relationships through social media. As you offer information on your blog, post the links on your Facebook Page.

You will also post other interesting links, build up your fellow brothers and sisters in non-competing direct sales, and just talk to people about their interests, needs, desires, and problems. When you are the solution they will come to you.

When someone else is, they’ll appreciate how you pointed that out to them. You will never come across as sales, because sales won’t be your job anymore. Even if you still make your money on sales.

Even if your company still calls it a Direct Sales company. Your mindset will have shifted and so will the way other people react to you. When that happens, you will begin to enjoy the success that you’ve been dreaming of.

And who knows? Your mother might even call to buy something from you after all, not because it’s a pity sale, but because she’s seen the education you’ve given online and feels you offer her the right solution, too.

Jeanette Tatarnuk works from her home in Ontario, Canada.

You Can’t Hit A Target You Can’t See!

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It’s no secret that wealthy entrepreneurs confess having total clarity on their business end goal is a major key to business success.

Ex-special forces soldier and founder of The Business Commandos Aaron Parsons shares his insights to building successful businesses.

Most things in the world around us was finished in the mind of its creator before it was started. From the cars we drive to the houses we live in, the clothes we wear and most other things began with a vision.

Once the creator was clear on what the end product looked like, it was then mapped out so their was a crystal clear action plan to follow on paper, before the first piece of cloth was cut or the first nail was driven in.

Long before the vision was converted into a physical reality, the mind had a clear picture of the end product. The same process applies to how people design their own lives. It all begins with an idea how the future will be and over time people refine and perfect the vision.

Soon all your thoughts and actions are all working together to bring your vision into existence. Successful businesses are created in exactly the same way! From the outset wealthy entrepreneurs have total clarity on the end goal and that guides every decision within the organization as the team strive to achieve it.

This first essential step is imperative as you can’t hit a target that you cannot see! The Army for example have a clearly defined end goal; To win the land battle. Then there are many mini missions happening in support of achieving the overall goal that have their own goals that guide the daily actions of team members.

In business if an entrepreneur has hired a web designer to create a new website, it is essential for the web designer to understand the end goal of what they are creating to guide them.

If you have briefed them that the end goal of your website and every webpage is to capture the details of visitors so they join your database to start the relationship building process, now you’re halfway home to getting the outcome you want.

Without understanding the end goal, people are acting blinded folded EVERYDAY! No more important is it to be clear on your outcome than when you’re marketing your business.

An entrepreneur building a consulting business with the end goal of helping fast growth companies between $2 million – $10 million will target differently with their marketing to an entrepreneur building a consulting business with the end goal of helping entrepreneurs successfully start their own business.

Without a clear outcome the entrepreneur will continue wasting time, money and resources in the wrong areas. We are already well into the year and right now is a great time for you to take some all important time out to work on your business outcome and close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Start-up Success the top 10 tips for starting your own business

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Peace Mitchell

Starting a new business is an exciting project, but can be incredibly daunting if you’ve never owned your own business before, there’s so much to organize and think about so I’ve put together my top 10 tips for making your new start-up a success!

  1. Don’t overcapitalize

    It’s hard to know whether a business will make a profit or not in the first 12 months. If you’re able to, try to get things up and running reasonably cheaply because then if things change and you need to cut your losses you won’t have lost money on the venture.

    There are lots of ways to do things inexpensively it’s just a matter of you putting your resourcefulness to work and making careful choices about where to spend the money.

  2. Do your Research

    Before you even begin entertaining the idea of starting your own business you need to fully understand what else is already out there, who your customers are, who your competitors are, how much you can charge and how much of that price will be profit. Use Google search and the internet but also try things like market research, focus groups and surveys to test your ideas.

  3. It’s mot a race

    They say an overnight success usually takes around 10 years. Similarly your business will take time to grow and develop into your vision, particularly if you’ve never been in business before or are entering a new industry.

    Set short term and long term goals, often you’ll find you won’t get around to all of them in the first year but that’s Ok, if you’re in it for the long haul the time will come to reach those goals down the track too.

  4. Persistence

    Persistence is the key to success, set your sights on the big picture and be prepared to put in the effort in the first year or two even though you might not be seeing any results yet.

    Don’t be disheartened by the set backs and challenges, these are almost guaranteed in your first year of business and its how you respond to these and get back up after your knocks that determines your success.

  5. Strong vision

    You must have a clear, focused vision of the type of business you want and you must stick to this vision. Many opportunities will come your way but if they don’t fit with your core purpose and vision then let them go, don’t be sidetracked or distracted.

  6. Make a plan

    As they say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A business plan does not need to be a wordy, complicated document it should be something you refer to regularly and update regularly as well.

    It should include your goals, your mission statement or vision, your financial plan, your marketing plan and timelines. Keep it fresh and up to date too, so you can stay focused on your goals.

  7. Support

    A support network is essential. No one achieves success on their own, you’ll need mentors, cheerers, and people to laugh with after a hard week. If you have kids you’re also going to need someone to help you with the balancing act of business and family.

    Support can be found in a range of places including friends, family, local events and networking groups and online communities like The AusMumpreneur Network, Flying Solo or Business Chicks.

  8. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s

    It’s essential that you get through all the red tape – at the very least you’ll need to register your business name, organize a company/business registration number, set up a business bank account.

  9. Get your foundation RIGHT

    It’s essential that you start the way you intend to finish, and that’s professionally! Your branding is an important element and tells everyone about the kind of business you have. Your brand is not just your logo, it’s the colors you use, the fonts you use and the way you present yourself to the world.

    Make it as professional as you can with an attractive, easy to navigate web­ site, stylish business cards and good quali­ty marketing collateral.

  10. Tell the world

    My last tip is of course do your marketing. Marketing is the most important element a business needs, without it no one knows what you’re doing and without customers there is no business.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot if you’re clever. Think about your demographic where can you reach them? Are they online? And if so which social media platforms are your demographic using?

A quick Google search can give you information and up to date statistics on the demographics for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and which platforms you could be using to promote your brand.

Offline marketing is still worthwhile too, writing a press release and sending it to journalists is one of the most effective and low cost ways to tell people about what your busi­ness is doing. So there you have it, the top 10 tips for starting your own business. Good luck and remember to be passionate and have fun!

Peace Mitchell of Australia’s leading networks for Australian Mums in business and proud hosts of the AusMumpreneur Awards and Conferences.

How To Succeed – Educate Yourself

Wealth is in the mind

International Best Seller Changes Peoples Lives

Now in a revised edition, the international best seller “How To Succeed: dynamic mind principles that transform your life” by the author Brian Adams, has been receiving glowing reports from readers whose lives have greatly improved after having read and acted upon the valuable information the book contains.

The author says he’s getting letters and emails from the USA, Canada, Europe and so many from Australia thanking him for what the book’s content has motivated them to achieve for themselves.

“It’s a matter of appraising this life we’ve been gifted and putting it into proper perspective, of dealing with reality rather than superficiality. We’ve held to a lot of nonsense over the centuries, a great deal of spin handed to us by educationists, religionists, Governments and of recent times the media.”

“The race mind is still not attuned to truth but held captive by beliefs that are totally out of date. Much of what we have been programmed to believe about life, how it began, who caused it to happen and why we are here, has little substance to it,” the author says. “Science deals in facts, works on known principles.”

“It doesn’t take on wild assumptions or accepts unrealistic fairytale ideas to arrive at conclusions. Science has an open mind which changes and adapts as its knowledge improves. If schools taught us how to think and believe from the standpoint of truth, that is, what has been proven, shown to be fact, we’d soon learn how to vastly improve our own existence.”

“Humans must deal with the cosmic laws because they govern human existence. Most are unaware of what these laws are and of their importance. Isaac Newton, who taught us the laws of gravity and motion centuries ago, said that action and reaction are equal to each other.”

“It’s a reflection of the law of cause and effect, as is the suggestion in Galatians: whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Many, simply do not understand that what we think and believe is the cause of how we act and how we act results in the quantity and quality of the life we ourselves produce,” Brian Adams maintains.

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