Making Money From Garden Ornaments

making money from concrete garden ornaments

Concrete garden ornaments can be made from the com­fort of your own garage, shed or workshop and made in your own time with very little start-up costs involved. No previ­ous experience is required and very little tools can be used when you first start up, which makes this an ideal home business that can easily be built up as you progress.

Whilst the initial set up costs can be quite small there is a tremendous amount of money to be made, with internet sites like eBay around selling your items has never been easier. There items can cost you less than a dollar to pro­duce and you can quite often sell that ornament for ten times the amount.

It can quickly become a business that can grow rapidly if you want it to. The basic skills needed are mainly being able to mix materials together with water, like sand and cement or plaster. All these materials are inexpensive and readi­ly available for purchase at most DIY or Hardware shops.

The tools that are required are also very basic and can be purchased on the tightest of budgets, or you may already own buckets, trowels and a wheelbarrow. Now all you need is some molds to fill, there are many popu­lar and easy to use molds available, stepping stones, plaques, signs and pavers to name just a few at very reasonable prices.

It will not take long before you will be able to produce beautiful low cost garden ornaments. Next time you go for a walk see how many gardens have ornaments or statues or a concrete product in them, you will be amazed at how many peo­ple have some­ thing to brighten up their garden.

This shows the demand for these products which you will be able to produce, paint and sell. Once you have started to produce your ornaments, you will no doubt want to start adding cement dye/oxide to your mix, which will give you an even wider selection; your ornaments may be painted if you wish to command higher prices or just left natural.

Your garden ornaments can be sold online or at places such as markets, boot sales, flea markets and to family & friends. You may wish to see if you can supply your local garden center and shops too.

You may even ask people to hold a garden party and give them a commission to sell your ornaments. The production of concrete ornaments can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience which can also generate you an extra income.

Garden ornaments are often bought and given as gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas Presents as well as throughout the summer by garden lovers every­ where, making this type of business lucrative to most. It is easy to increase your sales, by just adding to your selection of molds as and when you want to expand.

As your casting experience grows you may want to produce Garden Ornaments faster and easier with the sand and cement as well as a vibrating table or vibrating poker which help shake the mix into the mold and removes the air out of the mix at the same time, saving you time and money, helping you to become more efficient, making it an enjoyable and stress free operation.

A garden ornament can take just a few minutes to make but can give a life time of happiness not just for you but also for your customers.

Making Money From Garden Ornaments
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Making Money From Garden Ornaments
Why not start your own business? Have you considered making money from garden ornaments? The possibilities are literally endless as your imagination!

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