Why 80% Of People That Are Wealthy, Own Their Own Business

start your own business to get rich

Todays Facts

  • People living pay check to pay check.

  • Caught up in the rat race.

  • Not enough time with loved ones.

  • Working longer hours than ever.

  • Retail business is hurting.

  • Stressed.

  • That “One Day” never comes.

  • Downsizing – No job security.

  • Little or no savings.

  • Increasing debt, mortgages and over­ heads keep you on the treadmill.

  • No holidays.

  • Working hard to make your boss rich.

At the age of twenty six I realized that working for a boss wasn’t going to make me wealthy. But if you own a traditional business, or you have in the past you will know that sometimes getting into tradi­tional business with stock, staff, rent and other overheads and all the risk, you your­self are the business and if you don’t turn up the business suffers.

For me, after my first 11 years of owning three traditional businesses with my husband, I realized that we had bought ourselves a job. We were working long hours and after work, doing book-work and ordering stock and paying bills.

I ran the Hair and Beauty salon and my husband the two Graphic Art studios. With four very active children and three businesses we were stressed out and exhausted. What I really wanted was a business we could build that would allow us to travel around the world or work from home, be around our family and choose our own hours.

I also wanted something that would give us a fast return on part time efforts and once we had built it, that income would keep rolling in, a real residual income. So what is the type of business that is a Huge Global Trend? It’s the Home Business and Direct Sales Boom.

Two hundred million people are expected to join the direct sales industry in the next decade and one out of every 8 homes in America operates a Home Based Business. The growth is exponen­tial and in America we turned over one billion dollars in sales through the direct sales industry for the first time ever in 2010 and in 2013 America did over $15 Billion dollars in sales.

I started noticing that there was a New Age type of Online Direct Sales Business that was completely different from the old dinosaur models where you were expected to make a list and contact family and friends. These New type of businesses were forward thinking and embracing technology and online marketing.

Today with the advent of webinars 100’s of people can sit at their computers from the comfort of their homes and watch and listen to a presentation online. I started to notice people were making a substantial amount of income in 1-2 years which previously in the old type of home business it would have taken 10-20 years to make a significant income.

Now times are changing with this New Age type of online direct sales businesses. The old 10-20 year plan did not excite me at all. Many years ago I didn’t believe Network Marketing was a viable business model but I have been proved wrong with the advent of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Can you copy and past? If so you can build a huge online business and even if you can’t, you can use your kids for tech support, that’s what I did at the beginning. Show me a Franchise business or tradi­tional business where you can make a profit as quickly as these new age online businesses.

The advantage of these businesses is that it can go global very quickly, you can connect with anyone around the globe for free on Skype, you can have Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin chats.

People are open to the idea of a supple­mentary income and Google searches, for work from home, online business and how to make money, have gone through the roof. Baby boomers have come of age now where the, majority have realized that they are going to outlive their superannuation and will struggle to live on less than their previous working income.

The majority of people are going to have to work until they are seventy. There are now 4 Billion Generation Y and not all of them want to go to university, who’s met a Gen-Y lately? Most of them want to be the CEO on day 2 of their job.

Network marketing is great for these guys because they are great on computers and great with technology and they can get started with a very cheap start up and almost no overheads and the majority of them wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a traditional business.

Then there is the rising class of Asia, that James Packer spoke about in 2011 saying that the rising class of Asia will be the biggest wealth creation tool we have ever seen in our lifetime, bigger than the internet.

If you can find a business model or a product that the rising middle class of Asia want, Google in one hand and credit card in the other then it’s a license to print money and that’s exactly what we are talking about here. This is a business model with low overheads, low risk and Global.

Warren Buffet whom I’m sure every­ one knows, has a financial interest in more than a dozen Network Marketing compa­nies and one of the companies he bought is called “The Pampered Chef”. It’s very prudent to check out what the fastest growing trends are when choosing which network marketing business.

The Trends of the moment are “Anti Ageing”. In nine out of the top ten Network Marketing companies in the world, all of their top selling products are skincare. The question is “How do you stand out from all of the other skincare companies”?

The company I chose after extensive research was the company that had the ONLY Human Derived Stem Cell Cosmetic line in the World today and also has a product that makes you look 10 years younger in under 3 minutes.

This company also has the most cutting edge Anti-Ageing Nutritional range. The way this company is growing, it will be the fastest growing Network Marketing company in history and is the youngest company to be open in over 100 countries around the World.

To have success it is very important to be part of a business that is having Exponential growth. You wouldn’t want to be part of a company that is Plateauing or is so old that it is going backwards. It took me months and months of research to finally find the right company.

Why 80% Of People That Are Wealthy, Own Their Own Business
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Why 80% Of People That Are Wealthy, Own Their Own Business
Not many people become RICH or even WEALTHY by working for someone else. And for that very small percentage that do, have many years ahead of long hours and hard work to get there. But did you know that working for yourself can bring you that wealth quicker?

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